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Manay Po 2

Overloaded sa kalokohan

Raech, K.G., Bess, Hazel and I decided to watch a movie after our shift. We all then decided to watch Manay Po 2. I am not really a fan of tagalog movies pero avid fan ako ni Ruffa Mae Quinto dahil sobrang naaliw ako sa kanya kaya gusto ko din panoorin this movie.


I was able to watch Manay Po sa t.v. before habang walang mapanood. Kaya somehow, may idea ako sa story kaya malilink ko itong part two nila. And as expected, sobrang aliw nang movie. Tawa to the max kami especially Raech na napakababaw nang kaligayahan. Minsan sa kanya na ako natatawa eh. Hehe. At si Bess, kinikilig kay John Pratts. Wahaha.

If you like to lessen your stress, watch this movie, or get a copy. Sobrang nakakatawa siya. It was worth of our time and money. Till our next movie trip!!!

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One entertaining blog site

Advertising my friend's blog page.

If you are working in People Support, and part of the account of Expedia, or have worked in that account, or will work in that account, you should read this blog first of my friend Buqui.

Ryan Leland Buquir

His blogsite contains all the chismis and very important things you need to know about people working there. It has always been entertaining to read his articles. Buquir has such a great talent in writing, and has unique humor that you cannot refuse to laugh at. He's really good in writing. So for you out there, check out his page:


Miss you Buqui!!!

[Btw, I used to call him BUQUIQANG, but he didn't like that, so I stopped it. Hehe.]

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My viewpoint

Sexuality issues


“Being Gay” is different from “To be Gay”, and for me, what is fundamental to a person is his tendency To Be Gay. There are qualities that are innate in a person, tastes we acquire, and tastes we are born with. We are born innocent, and with this innocence we assume non-commitment and non-decision to things and events, until experienced. Therefore, once this tendency is nurtured by experience with people, places and things, a decision is formed consciously or subconsciously. This is not to discount your argument that “gayness” is in-born, but this only to allow free will to exist, that must not at any time be judged as an abominating furrow or outre. We decide things we accept (I think Barbie looks beautiful). We accept things we consider truth (Barbie is really beautiful). Hence, we allow our innate qualities to be contested by our later acquired taste, and make decisions coinciding our nature, its content, and its strength. (I want to have a Barbie because she is beautiful, but I can never look like her so I don’t want to be a Barbie).

(note: my example is so gay. For the record, I never liked Barbie, and never had one hahaha)


How much does having a family weigh against the choice to be gay? A person may be gay but he may well want to have a family. When he chose the latter, he is not deviating from his nature, because the latter is also his nature. Thus, there must exist a decision, a priority list, a logical game we have to complete.

In regard to self-acceptance, It being a battle is a possibility. But for me, considering a lot of factors is just part of a process towards realizing which weight greater when we present ourselves choices. I call it Managing Consequences, rather than making myself believe it is battle-like that one choice is not me, and the other is me, when both are me, or partly me. This resolves a dilemma of phantasmagoria. When one chose to have a family, with inkling of him being gay, that may be bad, but that’s just a probability. Other married gay guys, have long resolved the issues about themselves before marrying and few confessed to their wives before facing the sacrament. This is not to alter the long time hypothesis that if a gay man married a woman, he is a fool. But this is just to give liberty that might resolve the flaws of the said argument, thatis… it is not always the case. You may ask one gay man: Do you have regrets having yourself closeted for all your life just to be normally right, be married and have kids? And one might answer: Is it not true, that even straight guys, in some cases, have lived all his life not being with the right woman, but lived normally right, had kids, and before he died said “I made the right choice”? Again, it is because there had to exist a decision. What I call battle here, is when one live with a credo that he can have everything he wishes for and everything he wants, when in fact everyone, straight or not straight, have to make sacrifices for a more ultimate goal. And what he might sacrifice, is not what he denies, but it is just what he can forego.


I agree that acting manly or effeminate may well be a pre-disposition too, and concurrently, in-born. That is because, we are of many names, we are of with many different groups. One is a brother, one is a corporate manager, one is a son, one is a painter, one is a catholic, and he is just One of different names, though many may believe that being gay is a way of life, but showing it is not necessarily a prerequisite to Living Gay, besides WHAT ARE THE OFFICIAL GAY ACTS? WHO SAID THAT GAY MUST BE SWISHY? DO WE HAVE OUR OWN GAY CONSTITUTION?. When one decides not to show his gayness at work (assumption: gayness is what you think gayness is; limitation: living is not necessarily showing), we can logically equate this to a depressed straight husband not showing his boss and his friends his surge of negative emotions. If you decide to call it, one being not true to himself. Then you just made yourself an entry to the world of lies. I warn you, the more you relate things and people to your own concept of lies, the more you infer people being untrue, the little your world becomes true.

The subject matter is tricky. I don’t want to be gay, but based on what I feel, I know that I am not straight. I live the way a straight man would. Given the choice, do I wish to become a full-pledge straight man? Yes I would. But the problem is, I know I am not, because I also get sexually attracted to other men. To some, they’ll just simplify it. I am bisexual, end of story. But you know what, I won’t even use that word because it’s an escapist term for me. It’s either you’re gay or straight. Since I get turned on by men, and on that note, that would mean I am gay. But what if I am compared to a man who insists that he is straight and claims that he is very much secured with his sexuality but gets to bed with other men just for the kicks… would one actually equate him as “straighter” than me, considering what he’s been doing against what I did not?


Okay, lengthy post. Sumakit ang ulo ko.

So maybe, based on experience, I can say that yes, you have a choice of acting straight and living straight. But these actions are just preventive reactions against your natural emotions, because unfortunately, emotions are something that you cannot fool or control. Living straight does not necessarily make you straight...


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I just got fascinated with wings...

It all started when I saw this commercial of Piolo Pascual with Clear Shampoo, where he was a cupid, strucking people with his love arrow, wearing just black attire and with black wings. Whapakk!!! The next thing in my mind was to be like a black angel!!!


Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Piolo Pascual nor angels. But suddenly, I got fascinated with winged creatures. I even asked my friend Raech if she knows a store that creates black wings. And guess what, she knows a store that makes such stuff. I guess I'm ready for 2008 Christmas Party already. Hehe.

But kiddin' aside, I have this new addiction of watching and listening to a new winged commercial. That's the new Coke ad with an addictive song "Ang saya dito". It shows an angel wanting to try Coke as she sees people having a great taste of it. And when she finally tried it, she become a mortal, then meeting a guy who just turned himself human too after drinking a coke, whom is a former devil. Isn't it cute!


Here is the lyrics of the song "Ang saya dito":

Lilipad na ako
Sabayan niyo ako
Ang sarap dito
Sa pupuntahan ko
Bubuhos na ang saya
Tayo na, sumama ka
Ang sarap dito
Sa pupuntahan ko

Sawa na 'ko sa dati
Naiinip parati
Wala na 'kong magawa
Dito'y sawang-sawa

Ayoko na sa gan'on
Lahat sobrang tahimik
Gusto ko ng mas maingay
Tumikim na ng tunay

Ang uhaw ko sa laro
Parang biglang na-pawi
Wala na ring hapdi
Nakangiti na lagi

Pananabik sa bagong buhay
Bigla na lang naabot
Nang tumikin ako ng tunay
Nawala na ang bugnot

Tikman mo
Ang sarap dito
Tikman mo
Ang sarap dito

As to finding the relevance of this new addiction, I am wondering if I'm gonna soar high in the future, or I just want to fly and forget about things in the earth for a while... Let's see what it is...

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Losing my way


I somehow feel that I am lost. With life or maybe in love. I feel I am in the cross roads with one intersection after the next. Should I go left? Right? Straight ahead? Or back? With work, it's easy though. You just envision where you wanna go, make sure you're ready for the drive then just go for it. It's all in the mind. You are in control of the journey, despite curveballs thrown your way.

But with love? Ahh, that's tricky. Where should I go? Left? Right? Should I go straight for it? Plunge in? Or take a step back? Even when you have choices, it feels like you really don't. Unlike everything else in life, where the mind leads, the heart doesn't always follow. They say you can't choose who you fall in love with, but you choose who you are. If i plunge in, if I let myself truly, madly, fall in love, will I like the person I see when I'm looking through the eyes? Or the eyes of another?

And if I don't, if I choose a different path, take the one on the left, or the right, or maybe a step back, what will become of me? Will I devoid myself of the chance to be truly, blissfully happy? What of my heart and the rare occurrences of falling in love?

When your heart and your mind is in disagreement, which should you follow? One offering you the chance to be happy right here, right now. Or the other, sparing you of the heartache and the consequences that are yet to come.

But maybe, just what my friend said, all I need is that one moment. One perfect moment. One memory that will find meaning in my life. The "before sunrise" moment.

To borrow one of my favorite lines from that movie:

"I mean, it's not so bad if tonight is our only night, right? People always exchange phone numbers, addresses, they end up writing once, calling each other once or twice...

Jesse: Right. Fizzles out. Yeah, I mean, I don't want that. I hate that.
Céline: I hate that too, you know.
Jesse: Why do you think everybody thinks relationships are supposed to last forever?
Céline: Yeah, why. It's stupid. "

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Next stop

Our next major summer adventure

The Promiscuous and the Murano will soon pack their bags and start travelling again. After hitting the famous beach of Boracay, we are again set to travel another location in the country, which is Palawan...


Jay and I decided to cancel our Siargao trip because Jem and Jhen backed out from the trip due to their personal reasons. It should be for next week already, but since Jay is also expected to arrive here in Manila, destiny has also played a part of canceling the said plan.


So we arranged our May plans and one of it will be to go to Palawan. Since Legend Palawan Hotel offers a very good rate, as well as Cebu Pacific, we booked our hotel and flight as early as last week so we no longer need to worry about this trip. So everything is confirmed and we are all set!!!


This is gonna be our first time in Palawan that's why we are both excited. We are planning to get some tours as I heard that places there are terrific and I can't wait to see them all.


We may try the underground river and the honda bay/snake island. My friends told me that these spots are quite famous there. Since our hotel is located in the center of Puerto Prinsesa's city, these may be the places where we can have some swim and fun under the sun.


It was my dream to visit Palawan. Now that I have the chance, I will make the most out of it. I have declared this year as my Philippine Exploration year. After visiting Mindanao spots before last year ends, I am taking my feet to other places I've never been. And of course, together with Jay who also loves travelling.


So let's see what's in store for us next month. May 23-25, 2008. I hope Jhen can join our trip so it would be more fun for us. Get ready Palawan, here we come!!!


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With You

Chris Brown

Dedicated to my one and only...

I need you boo
I gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight
I need you boo
I gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight

Hey lil mama, ooh you're a stunner
Hot little figure, yes you a winner, and
I'm so glad to be yours
You're a class of your own and
Ooh little cutie, when you talk to me
I swear the whole world stops
You're my sweetheart and
I'm so glad that you're mine
You are one of a kind, and
You mean to me what I mean to you
And together baby there is nothing we won't do

'Cause if I got you
I don't need money
I don't need cars
Girl you're my heart

And oh, I'm into you and
Girl no one else would do
With every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you... girl
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you... Oh girl

I don't want nobody else
Without you there's noone left, and
You're like Jordans on Saturday
I gotta have you and I cannot wait now
Hey lil shorty, say you care for me
You know I care for you
You know that I will be true
You know that I won't lie
You know that I will try
Be your everything

'Cause if I got you
I don't need money
I don't need cars
Girl you're my heart

Oh, I'm into you and
Girl no one else would do
With every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you... ohhh
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you... Yeah

And I will never try
To deny that you are my whole life
'Cause if you ever let me go
I would die so I won't run
I don't need another woman
I just need you or nothing
'Cause if I got that
Then I'll be straight
Baby you're the best part of my day

I need you boo
I gotta see you boo
And there's hearts all over the world tonight
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight
They need their boo
They gotta see their boo
Said there's hearts all over the world tonight
Hearts all over the world tonight

And oh, I'm into you and
Girl no one else would do
With every kiss and every hug
You make me fall in love
And now I know I can't be the only one
I bet there's hearts all over the world tonight
With the love of their life who feel
What I feel when I'm with you, with you, with you, with you, with you... ohhh(girl)
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you... ohhh
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you...
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you...
Baby yeah

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Our Boracay Escapade

Our first summer together...

At last, natuloy na din sa wakas ang Bora trip namin ni Jay. Ang daming hassle bago natuloy lahat. But all in all, it was worth of all the troubles. Jay and I had a great time in Boracay after more than 2 months of not seeing together.


Jhen, Pam, R.J. and I arrived in Bora siguro mga hapon na. Galing pa akong shift from work, deretso na sa airport for my 2:10pm flight, which was moved then to 3:10pm. Sinundo na lang ako ni Jhen sa work at mineet na lang namin sa airport si R.J. at si Pam. We immediately checked-in our bags when we arrived.


Effort naman kung idedescribe ko ang ginawang biyahe ni Jay para lang makapunta nang Boracay. Nagbarko siya from CDO to Cebu. Then flight from Cebu to Ilo-ilo, then bus from Ilo-ilo to Caticlan. Then boat from Caticlan to Boracay. Mga 9:30pm na siya nakarating nang hotel. Pagkadating, pinagpahinga ko muna then we went out to have our dinner. Siyempre, as strict to diet si Jay, sa Mang Inasal kami kumain for their grilled chicken. After, we slept na, siguro mga 11pm na nun, because maaga pa kami the next day for our island hopping.


6am, tumatawag na sa akin yung kinontrata naming boat. Dali-dali na kami nag-ayos, lahat kami excited to start the day in Boracay. We went to Puca beach first where no one was there yet but us. Ako, the usual me, hindi pinalagpas ang mga beautiful scenes, photo shoot mode agad ako. Sila Jhen at R.J. naman, naligo na agad. Then, punta naman kami sa isa pang island na parang nasa Phuket ka lang because of it's beautiful island settings. First activity of the day pa lang, sulit na sulit na. It was fun dahil lahat kami, game sa photo session.


Pagkatapos, tinawag na kami for our snorkeling activity daw. Wala naman masyadong corals kaya di na din kami nagtagal. At tsaka bobo kasi ako magsnorkeling at di ako marunong nung breathing system niya kaya pina-ahon na ako ni Jay. Hehe. In a few minutes, they decided to leave na and return to our hotel.


Nagbrunch na kami ni Jhen pagbalik nang hotel while R.J. and Jay went somewhere to have their brunch. After, naligo na ako sa room while the three of them eh nagswimming pa. Ako, ayoko, di ko kaya ang init nang araw nang ganung oras. Although I went out din naman after I took a bath and changed kasi boring naman kung doon lang ako sa room. Pagbalik ko, nagpapamasahe na si Jhen sa beach at naliligo pa din si R.J. sa dagat at desididong magpaitim. So, Jay and I decided to stroll around and do our pasalubong shopping.


Ang sarap maglakad lakad lang, lalo na pag kasama mo yung mahal mo. Siyempre, andaming tumitingin sa katawan ni Jay kasi fit na fit. Ako, dedma lang. Hehe. May konting selos pero proud kasi andaming tumitingin sa mahal ko. Sorry na lang dahil ako ang may-ari nang tinitingnan nila. Hehe. Although alam ni Jay na seloso ako kaya he does not entertain those lookers. Ako, inenjoy ko ang pamamasyal kasi nakaka-aliw ang mga tindahan, lalo na sa D'Mall. Ang laki na talaga nang pinagbago nang Bora from the last time I was there three years ago. Andami nang bagong establishments, hotels, stores, restaurants na dati, wala pa.


Nabili ko na agad nang pasalubong ang mga taong dapat kong bigyan. My mom na sobrang spoiled sa pasalubong lagi, my sister, my cousin, my team and my boss. I got great deals (as usual, using the charm power in tawaran) and great time with Jay. We then went back to the beach where R.J. and Jhen are waiting for us dahil pupuntahan namin yung isang hotel where they will stay in on our last night.


Pagkatapos, nag-afternoon swim muna kami ni Jay dahil wala nang araw, while Jhen went back to our hotel to take a nap, and R.J. met some of his friends there for some drinks. Nang mapagod na ako, bumalik na rin kami sa room ni Jay. After taking a bath, I decided to upload some pictures na sa laptop dahil baka mapuno na yung camera. Surprisingly, and unexpectedly, nakatulog kami ni Jay at nagtuloy tuloy na siya hanggang kinaumagahan. In short, our friday night was spent on our bed. Great!!!


The next morning, Jhen, Jay and I decided to have an early morning swim. But before that, we had our breakfast first. Buong gabi kami ni Jay hindi kumain kaya gutom na kami. Hay! Itong Jay, nakakainis, pagkabangon, sige sit-ups agad. Napaka vain! Hehe. Hindi naman lumalaki ang tiyan kahit anong kain pa niya. Kainis!!!


Ang sarap talaga maligo sa umaga. Low tide, less people, walang mainit na araw, at tama lang ang lamig nang tubig. Meron pa kaming sinubukang seaweed scrub. Hehe. Siyempre, pauso na naman ni Jay, good for skin daw. So sige kami pulot nang mga seaweeds at kinuskos sa mga balat namin. In fairness, masarap siyang pangscrub. Hehe. Then Jhen asked us for a stroll while R.J. was still sleeping at our room. So non stop picture kaming tatlo, at pasyal kung saan saan hanggang mangalay ang paa namin. Ang dami naming binalak gawin like mag banana boat ride, mag-kayak, magpahena. Pero sa daming options, hindi namin alam kung ano ang uunahin kaya halos lahat nakalimutan gawin. Saya diba! Hehe.


Pagkatapos naming dalhin si Jhen sa D'Mall, the two of them wanted to swim again. My god, that was like 11:30am, katirikan nang araw. Hay! So wala akong choice dahil dalawa sila kundi sumunod. Pero, mabait talaga si Lord, nakahanap ako nang hut at doon ako tumambay. Hinayaan ko silang dalawa na magbabad sa tubig at araw. Suddenly, narealize ni Jhen na baka gising na si R.J. kaya bumalik na kami. Pagdating ko sa room, sobrang sakit na nang ulo ko. Para na siyang binibiyak. Kaya nagstay muna kami ni Jay hanggang mawala siya. Jay was sweet to massage my head until mawala yung sakit. Hindi niya tinigilan, and I was impressed kung gaano siya katiyagang magmasahe. Napakalambing talaga nang asawa ko.


Nang magutom na ako, umalis na kami nang room para maglunch. Kumain kami sa isang mongolian restaurant, and guess what, sobrang sarap nang food nila. I ordered some beef and rice something in a bowl na may mga veggies on the side. Ngayon lang uli ako nakakain nang gulay na naenjoy ko. Hehe. After, nilakad naman ang buong stretch nang Boracay dahil wala naman kaming magawa ni Jay. Picture to the max na lang. At di ko na masukat kung gaano kalayo ang nilakad namin. Sabagay, pampapayat din yun. Hehe.


Nang mapagod, nakahanap kami nang spot where there was two chairs and a table and just facing the beach in the heat of the sun. We stayed there for 30mins, at naka-idlip kami pareho while just holding each others hands. One of the sweet moments that I can treasure in our boracay escapade. However, biglang may gumising sa aming waiter at tinatanong kung ano daw order namin. Since busog pa kami, we did not order and left the place.


Then Jhen texted us that R.J. was experiencing sunburn and has some fever. Naghanap na agad kami nang sunburn gel ni Jay. Since wala kaming matanaw na drugstore where we were at that time, Jay decided to go to the city proper and look for a drugstore. Funny, dahil nang sumakay kami nang tricycle and asked to bring us to the nearest drugstore, after some miles of ride, ibinaba kami sa kanto papasok nang D'Mall. There, was a drugstore na bigla kong naalala na nakita ko na pala. Hehe.


Pagdating namin sa room, binigay na agad kay Jhen yung gel para ipahid kay R.J., while Jay and I took a bath and changed na. Ilang minuto lang, bigla nang tumaas ang lagnat ni R.J. kaya Jhen and Jay went out to buy some stuffs; Gatorade for dehydration, medicines for the fever, and food for their dinner. R.J. and I left in the room. Since I'm not good in taking care of sick people, pinatulog ko muna siya, while I watched the first telecast of the Pinoy Idol. Mga 1 hour nang makabalik si Jay at si Jhen.


We left Jhen and R.J. sa room, and we went out to have our dinner on our last night. Gutom na gutom na ako nun but we decided to look for a place na medyo romantic since hindi kami magkasama last valentines. We found the right place at the Bamboo Lounge, where the setting is in the shore facing the sea. Very romantic yung set-up, while we had our moment together. Eating, kuwentuhan, dreaming, and talking about our relationship. It was a nice time with Jay after not seeing him for the longest time. We went back to our hotel dahil kawawa naman yung dalawa because they are spending again their another night in the room. Natulog na din agad kami ni Jay dahil maaga pa ang alis niya para habulin ang trip to CDO.


Jay left the next morning around 5:45am. It was sad dahil magkakahiwalay na naman kami but somehow, I've thought of the memories we had and realized that we had a great time together. Mas lalo ko pang nakilala nang lubos si Jay. In a few weeks time, magkakasama na rin kami uli, and this time, pangmatagalan na, dahil lilipat na siya sa Manila. For Jay and me, Boracay was the best place for us to have our first summer together.

Till our next summer adventure in Palawan this May!!!

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Reminiscing my ex.

Nasa pilipinas si Ate Joie, ate nang ex ko na naka-live-in ko for more than a year. Pinapauwi niya kami ni Jem sa Pampanga dahil may padala daw ex ko at asawa ni Jem. Nagkita kami nang bestfriend ko sa Makati and left the city around 11am last saturday.

Nakarating kami nang Candaba, Pampanga kung saan andoon lahat nang angkan nang ex ko. Actually, taga Sta. Ana, Pampanga ang ex ko but when all the relatives meet together, sa Candaba sila nagsasama-sama.


They are actually close to me and treated me like their family simula noon pa at kahit wala na kami nang ex ko. Sobrang mahal ko ang pamilya nila, from the sweet grandmother, apo, pamangkin, tita, tito, at ang parents at mga kapatid niya. I feel so belong kaya ang hirap i-let go nila.

I have moved on and forgot everything about my ex. But everytime I go there, bumabalik lahat nang ala-ala. Lalo na nang inabot na sa akin yung padala niyang pabango.


There's a small note attached to it. Siyempre, may konting tuksuhan na naman sa paligid pero wala na talagang effect sa akin. Yes, nakakatuwa, pero wala nang kilig. I have moved on...


It was a relationship that I will never forget. Siya ang pinakamatagal kong nakarelasyon. Our relationship lasted for 1 year and 10 months. Usually kasi, di umaabot nang taon ang mga past relationship ko dahil sa mga kapraningan ko. Hehe.


Siya din ang kauna-unahang guy na pumayag akong makipag-live-in. We stayed at a condo sa makati for a year and a month. And surprisingly, we survived all those months.


Funny when I always remember kung paano kami nagbahay-bahayan. Siya taga-luto, taga-hugas, taga-plantsa, taga-gising ko pag may pasok ako, in short inalagaan niya ako nang sobra. Para akong may "House Husband".


Since kapampangan siya, ang sasarap nang mga niluluto niya for me. Siyempre alam niya ang mga paborito ko kaya kung ano-anong imbentong luto ang ginagawa niya. Kaya di ako pumayat nung magkasama kami. Sarap kasi nang mga food. Hehe. Lalo na ang sisig!!!


Ang term of endearment namin ay "bebe" na masyadong gamit na gamit at pati mga friends ko at relatives niya ay bebe din ang tawag sa amin. Cute noh!


Since hindi alam sa amin, madalas kami sa kanila. Kaya muntikan na akong maging kapampangan dahil sa kanya. Pag umuuwi ako sa kanila, lagi akong nilulutuan ni mama nang Patatim na paboritong-paborito ko.


However, things have to end when he left the country to work in Abu Dhabi. Ganun talaga, not everything stays in your life. Some people leaves and you don't have a choice but to let go and accept things.


We may see each other again as his Ate is inviting me and Jem to Abu Dhabi this May. Di ko alam kung papayagan ako ni Jay. But for me, somehow, gusto ko din siya makita. Wala kasing formal closure yung break-up namin. Gusto ko na din isarado. Because now, I found my new home to Jay's heart...

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The Revelation

Completing the Fab 5.

After the team building, Raech had to wait for her husband to pick her up so we had to wait somewhere at Festival Mall. With us were Kate and K.G. also. We decided na tumambay at maghintay sa Seattle's Best and have some coffee muna.

Raech Quintos

Super kuwentuhan, super tawanan, super trip lang. Kape, kuwentuhan, kape, kuwentuhan. Yun lang ang ginawa namin habang naghihintay sa sundo ni Raech.

Kate Nonato

At that time, dala ko din yung camera ko kaya tinopak kaming magkuhanan nang mga cool pictures sa cool designed glass wall nang Seattle's Best.

K.G. Sanchez

Since mga certified tsismosa din itong tatlong ito, nagkuwentuhan kami nang kung ano-anong tsismis sa work. Hanggang sa umabot sa point that I felt it was the right time to tell my real identity. And so it was. I broke my secret. I told them the real James and as to what I have expected, they've accepted and embraced me for who I am.


Actually, these girls are somewhat I can call my close friends at work, aside from the other 2 girls in my team na kaclose ko din and who first knew about my secret.

Bess Navarra & Hazel Pobrero

It felt good honestly. It was a nice feeling that I can now share myself to some people at work. I know I've chosen the right people. I know that I can trust them and I will still feel the respect. They are my friends. And I love them To more coffee fun fun fun!!!!

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Manong's Grill & Restaurant

Our first team building.

At last, natuloy na din ang unang team building namin. My R&R council helped me to prepare things para di na hassle sa team ko. And because of this team building, I was forced to bring my car para may masakyan ang 27 kong tao. Siyempre, di pa rin ako ang nagdrive from our house. Hehe. Sa alabang lang ako nakapagdrive na and funny pa the experience.

We selected Manong's Grill because malapit lang siya sa work. Okay naman yung place, cozy naman siya somehow. Enough din yung space for the team. The food was great also!!!


It was our time to celebrate all the success we had for the month of March. Sobrang performer nang team ko and very competitive like me. Hehe. We've been getting great Gallup results week after week kaya it's time for us to relax and celebrate.


Despite all the challenges, Team PROTEGE remains strong and united. What else can I ask for. We are so diversed and I just love everyone in the team. My precious teammates!!! We rock!!!

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Yellow Treat

My first treat from my boss

After working with my boss for 5 months, this is the first treat he gave to his team of leaders. As always, the first will always be memorable. We had so much fun eating, joking around, sharing opinions and thoughts at work and just having a good time.

[Left] Lee Olivares, Me, My boss Siege Jael, Anne Chan, Jun Sia, Wee Dimalanta, and John Villaralbo.

I love my team. We just hate issues at work that's why we focus ourselves to our team, and our goal. Actually nasundan pa ito nang coffee sa Bellevue Hotel the next day dahil wala si Tatah pero nakalimutan namin magpapicture.

Our group is called the LXL or simply means League of eXtraordinary Leaders. Beat that!!!

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My CineMagic

The last 4 movies I watched.


This movie was so great. So tear-jerky. I watched this with Jhen at Alabang Town Center. Funny dahil pareho kaming umiiyak at tahimik lang kaming dalawa habang ngumunguynguy kami. Pareho kaming matapang pero tinablan kami nang movie. Hehe.


Ang ganda nang plotting, ang simple lang nang story and ngayon ko lang na-appreciate si Hillary Swank. The same thing goes to Gerard Butler, hindi ko na-notice na siya pala yung bida sa 300. After the movie, napaupo kami sa park ni Jhen, nagmuni-muni. Ako, sobrang namiss ko tuloy si Jay at sobrang desidido na ako na mahal ko na siya. Hehe. Tinawagan ko agad siya!!! Ganun ang effect when you watch the movie.


I watched this movie with Jem and Onica sa Glorietta. We were just amazed with the movie. For people who loves music and dancing, I'm sure this movie will be appreciated. Sobrang ganda nang street dance, pati yung match up sa dulo nang movie. Ang lupet nang showdown sa ulan.


I like the main characters. The girl was so beautiful na di mo aakalain na magaling siyang sumayaw. The guy was cute also. At siyempre, ang favorite ko is yung asian girl na dancer na sobrang funny. Galing! Aliw siya. Ang effect naman nito, after the movie, parang gusto mong gumiling kung saan saan tulad nang pinag-gagawa namin sa Landmark. Hehe. Funny talaga.


I went to the Festival Mall to have one of my plane tickets refunded. After that, I have nothing to do na. So I texted Jhen and asked her na manood nang movie. So she went and we watched this movie. Both of us like adventures kaya we both decided to watch this movie.


It's not super duper da best movie pero we were entertained. Since mahilig kami sa dagat ni Jhen at puro beach scene, nag-enjoy kami. This is the second movie na napanood kong magkasama si Kate Hudson at si Matthew McConaghuey. They look good together in screen.


Honestly, si Jay ang naisip ko while watching Matthew McConaghuey. The sexy body, yung galing sa pagsisid at paglangoy sa dagat, yung pagka-casual niya, yung pagka-cowboy at yung charm. Hehe. Parang si Jay lang talaga. I always like Matthew McConaghuey as an actor. I've been watching his movies because I am always entertained by him (with his acting).


I watched this movie alone, for the very first time to do that, dahil ayoko pang umuwi at napakainit. Wala naman gagawin sa bahay. Wala din akong mayaya kaya I watched it alone. Fan kasi ako nang mga crazy/funny movies and I always watch those kind of movies pag stress ako sa work. Maganda siyang stress reliever.


Average lang yung movie. May mga scene na nakakatuwa, merong OA na, merong tama lang. Masyadong homo yung plotting. Well, it's just my opinion. Although like the movie 300, you'll see more abs nang mga cast. Pampalipas nang oras lang talaga.

To summarize it, yung P.S. I Love you, pinaiyak ako. Yung Step Up 2, pinakilig ako. Yung Fool's Gold, pinaisip ako. Yung Meet The Spartans, pinatawa ako. Different movies, different purpose, different benefits. As always, movies are there to take us away from our world for the meantime. Sometimes, it helps. You forget things. And sometimes, movies teaches you things that you never expected. So, till next movie to watch....

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My Holy Week this year.

What a great way for me to celebrate it.


The holiday where most of the people hit the road and go to different places to reflect, unwind and relax. A time also where people hit the beach for some fun during the holiday. And where was Alexander James Von Marco?


Yes. I was sick during this lenten season. Nagkatotoong nagkasakit na ako as I have predicted. I was absent on my last day for this week. Sakto ding umuwi si mommy sa Bicol so walang mag-aalaga sa akin. What a holy week!


Walang mommy, walang Jay, walang lakad. Saya! But anyhow, Thoki entertained me and gave me fun even while I'm just at my house celebrating the holiday. I'm glad he's here already. I cannot imagine how it would be kung walang dog.

I hate being sick. But sometimes, you really have to be weak so you can be strong again. Maybe, this is a preparation for something better. Let's see.

I'm sending a prayer for my complete recovery to heaven. May it be heard. Amen.

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Bad day

When you get drained at work...

It's been 7 months already since I started working at Genpact. And since then, I was hyped up at work and been very passionate about my job. Never had an absent and always on the go when it comes to work, ewan ko ba, napaka-energetic ko. And now, I reached the point where my energy is so low, and got drained with all the not so good things that is happening at work, especially with your team. I then got tired.

I am still at my shift when I felt that I have no more strength and I need a fresh air to breathe. I decided to leave and and have coffee (of course, I told my boss that I want to leave early). I invited Kate and K.G. who just ended their shift to join me in Festival Mall to have some coffee at Starbucks. They willingly gave me a yes.


I needed some sweet stuffs and a cold frap. That will make me energized. I just need to get out from work and just relax. It was time to be just me, and not the Assistant Manager who keeps on working hard. Starbucks was just the right place for me at that time.


After some treats, we left the cafe and decided to go home. But before that, we stopped at Aggy's Cakeshop to buy some treats for the team. Siyempre, kahit bad trip ka, hindi mo pa din matiis ang mga alaga mo.


The shop is so cute. They make personalized cakes for special occasions. And they have a lot of great goodies. Yummy!


I asked if they make a spiderman cake. And to my surprise, they do. Bigla ko tuloy naisip ang birthday ko. Gusto ko nang spiderman cake. Hehe. After buying some stuffs, we went to the car of K.G. na. However, mainit pa at nabilad sa araw kaya pinalamig pa muna namin. While waiting, nagpicture muna kami. Siyempre, ang effective na pampatanggal talaga nang stress ko: PHOTO SESSION.


After a bad day at work, camera can really work its magic on me. Parang bigla akong naging okay na uli. Hehe.


So we left and headed towards our home. I hope that I feel better na. Because somehow, unti unti nang sinasabayan nang weakness nang katawan ko ang weakness nang utak ko. Mukhang lalagnatin ako. Bahala na. I just have to relax, I can't stay this way at work. I have a lot of things to do and I don't want to stop. Bahala na....

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