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It's official: SUMMER is here!!!

And how I spent it last year...


I have officially welcomed the Summer season at work. March na. Tag-init na. Ramdam na ramdam ko na ang init and it excites me so much. This is the most loved season of mine. Sun. Sand. Beach. Cool breeze. Sexy bods. This is really the beginning of my new summer.


My summer last year was all spent in Puero Gallera. It was the year I first experienced the famous island in Luzon. Why just last year? Becuase I had bad impressions about the island that's why I had no desire in trying it (and i won't explain the reason why). But thanks to my friend Zue Anne who convinced me to try it. And so I did.


Indeed, the island was so beautiful. Lots of people. White sand. Cool water. Nice bars at night. I had no regret the moment I stepped my feet on the island. It was just perfect for me.

My first trip to Puerto Gallera pics:

These are the people I was with on my first visit to the island. Elaine, Me, Zue Anne, Jze and Jem. Biglaan lang lahat. Nagkayayaan lang and there we were. Nasa Gallera na kami.

And my first experience also with the Banana Boat Ride (i will never do it again) hehe.

At ito ang ginawa namin that night. Nagpakasasa sa balut at nagpakalasing sa Mindoro Sling. First time ko din makainom nang ganun. Nahilo ako. Hehe. Pero kinontrol ko kasi may pinapakyutan ako that night. Yung tingin nang tingin sa akin. Hehe.

My second trip to Puerto Gallera pics:

I joined the incentive award PG trip of my friend and co-supervisor E.J. Rivero. In short, sabit lang ako. Hehe.

With Francis, Zue Anne, Me, Jem, E.J., and Yvette.

One afternoon where we all feel that we're some contestants of a bikini contest. Hehe. Me, Jem, E.J. and D.J..

My third trip to Puerto Gallera pics:

This time, I joined the incentive award PG trip of my friend and co-supervisor also, Zue Anne Zapanta. So in short uli, sabit na naman ako.

This is us at night, Me, Ish, Clang, Yon and Zue Anne. Non-stop dancing and having fun in the sand.

At nang mabanggag ang mga kasama kong mahilig uminom at sumayaw. Hehe. Ako, siyempre, normal pa din, at di umiinom. Hehe.

Hope to come back to this island this year. And this time, with Jay. Hindi pa din siya nakakapunta nang Puerto Gallera kaya we'll see. Hopefully, by that time, nandito na siya sa Manila para madali lang sa amin ang maglakwatsa. Kaming parehong lakwatsero. If my schedule permits, I want to return to this beautiful island.

Let the summer escapade begins!!!


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Becoming a better me.

It's time to tell life to listen!

I have began a new journey of my own, and invested every ounce of my will power into it. I had nothing, yet I gave everything there is to give.


To become a better me.

Making your dreams come true won't give you peace of mind. Instead, it will make you more thirsty for adventures and risks. Yet no matter how parched I have become since that journey began, I have discovered that I am still a slave of fear. It runs in my blood. The voice of that part of me that has been beaten down by the shits of life echoes in my consciousness, telling me to take it slowly. To not rush things. To let everything fall in its proper place; in its proper time.

But the warrior part of me - the survivor part of me - the MAN in me fights the voice back. For no matter how hard I try to convince myself that everything happens in due time, I know that nothing will happen UNLESS you make it happen. So although the wiser of me is interested in teaching me a lesson of patience, the part of me that has the breathing soul urges me to jump and take the plunge. I have never been the patient type. I have always been the stubborn one - the impulsive one. Can you blame me? I was born to live and I will die trying to live the life that I want.

A few hundred more days will come to teach me lessons but I shall take no further lessons from life.


It's time to teach life a lesson in communication. It's time to tell life to listen!

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A new baby is born

The latest addition in the family.

I just got my new puppy today from a colleague at work. It was worth paying when the moment I saw the puppy. So cute, so adorable, and so heavy already. Hehe.


I just got a Labrador Retriever and I named him THOKI. His name means "blissfully happy". I was so excited to tell Jay about the puppy that's why I immediately sent a message to him at Friendster. Thoki just added excitement in my life. I can feel that he will be spoiled. Hehe.

Sobrang antukin ni Thoki. Ang hilig matulog. Ang tamad maglaro. Suplado pa, parang yung amo niya. Hehe. Pag tinawag mo, tatalikuran ka lang niya. Pag pinakain mo naman, sobrang takaw na akala mo magkakaroon na nang energy maglaro. Kaso, wala pa din. And take note, gusto natutulog sa kwarto na may aircon. Sosyal!


As you know, the Labrador Retriever is one of America's favorite pets. And these are some facts about "Labs" that I just knew today:

Physical Characteristics. The Lab is a strongly built animal with a short, thick coat of hair. It has a broad back that leads to what is commonly called an "otter" tail. It's legs are fairly short-coupled and muscular. The Lab has good endurance and is considered a "fit" dog.


Disposition. The Labrador Retriever is a kind, likeable, and outgoing breed of dog. It is an intelligent and eager to please pet. Even though the lab is, by its nature, a gentle dog, some animals can display aggression towards other animals and humans. This is usually a bi-product of abuse and or neglect in puppy hood. As with all breeds, Labradors can be friendly companions or reserved antisocialists-it all depends on how you raise the animal.

Physical Needs: Exercise. Labs require a lot of exercise because of their athletic build and energetic nature. If you are in the market for a lab consider the fact that a lab will need at least three short walks a day, or must have access to the outdoors several times a day. A dog run is a good investment for a lab owner. It provides your animal with the luxury of being outside all day and the ability to use its athletic prowess running back and forth (make sure you have plenty of room dedicated to the run in your backyard). Some Labs may become hyper and unruly in the home if they are not exercised on a regular basis.


Physical Needs: Space. As a tie into the above paragraph, Labs need ample amounts of space to exercise and exist. A Lab is not a good fit for a small apartment in the city. Make sure that you have enough room for your dog to relax comfortably. Having a backyard or a nearby park where he can run is crucial.

Physical Needs: Food. If exercised properly your Labrador will be looking for fuel to keep him going. Consult your veterinarian for advice on the best food for your pooch. Dog foods can vary in quality so be sure to scrutinize the diet you will be feeding Fido. Take note of foods that cater to medium-sized dogs. Starting your puppy on a specially formulated puppy chow (instead of adult food) is recommended as well. Make sure you always have plenty of water for your dog.


Physical Needs: Grooming. The coat of a Labrador is thick and water resistant. In comparison with toy breeds, the coat of a Lab does not need extensive care-in fact there is no need to groom at all (just a good bath every week or two should do it). Take note that because of the Lab's short hair, the dog does shed a good amount.

Physical Needs: Sleeping Quarters. Labs are rustic dogs-but they need a warm place to sleep. Some owners prefer to keep their dogs outside in a dog house. This is fine-however, make sure that the dog house is dry, warm, and can keep nature's "elements" out. If your pooch is an indoor sleeper it is a good idea to invest in a large, comfy dog bed-that, or you can expect your new friend to find his way into your bed sheets.


Physical Needs: Lovin'. In addition to the above, it is important to provide your dog with a healthy dose of attention. Puppies that are reared in a loving environment flourish into well-mannered, sociable dogs.

Health Considerations. Labradors are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. This is an arthritic condition which appears/worsens with age. Keeping your dog lean and in shape will lesson the risk of him developing dysplasia since extra pounds serve to aggravate or initiate the condition. Labs can also develop eye disorders with age-particularly PRA, or Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This condition is associated with old age in dogs and begins as night-blindness. Be aware of these conditions and speak to a vet about ways to prevent and help manage them.


Life Expectancy. Labradors live 10-14 years, so when you are shopping for a pet do not consider this a fleeting responsibility. Owning a Lab means taking care of another living being for at least a decade!

Join me in welcoming THOKI in our family!!!


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Reunion of the Cam Whores

Summer Color Photo Session

Friday Night. Off at work. Bored. Texted my bestfriend Jem for a meet up the next day. She agreed. 1pm. Glorietta.

Saturday morning. James woke up early. Wanted to leave. Bored. Called bestfriend Jem. Asked to move the meet up to 11am. She agreed.

10:30am. James arrived at SM Makati. Paid bills. Went straight to Gloria Jeans after. Waited for bestfriend Jem to arrive. Texted another friend Onica to come. She agreed.

12pm. Jem arrived. 12:30pm. Onica arrived. Then, it's the reunion of the cam whores.

Gloria Jeans Cafe. Onica, Jem and James.

We played at timezone first after our coffee.

Buying tickets for the movie Step Up 2.

Nag-ikot muna kami sa Glorietta dahil matagal pa yung movie.

Kaya sinimulan na namin ang photo session agad.

Shoe Salon.

Folded and Hung.

After Onica and I convinced Jem to buy a yellow shirt para magjive sa kulay nang suot naming damit ni Onica, I convinced the two of them naman to buy sunglasses also. Hehe. Tapos siyempre, picture uli.

And then, it's time to watch the movie na, pero siyempre, picture muna.

At habang di pa din nagsisimula yung movie, picture pa uli. Hehe.

And then, after the movie, we decided to go to Greenbelt 5 na to complete our photo session.

Playing Manequins at Greenbelt 5.

At kahit sa hagdan, pose pa din kami.

Our mellow-dramatic version of "Maging Sino ka Man".

One of the shots that I like.

This is our last shot inside Greenbelt 5.

While starting the session outside Greenbelt 5, we saw Buquir and Gian. Siyempre, hinatak ko agad si Buqui para magpose. Miss ko na siya sobra!!!

I like this beautiful scene.

Sino si matet at sino ang aswang sa banga?

Ang laki nang garden nang bahay namin noh. (how i wish)

This is our last shot at Greenbelt 5 when Jem realized that she left her phone inside the cinema after an hour of photo session.

Siyempre, super takbo kami to try if the phone is still there. And for the record, that was the fastest walk I did in a mall. Eventually, when we got back to G4 Cinema area, after waiting for the movie to finish, we were able to retreive the phone. Funny di ba. Ang tagal bago nagregister kay jem na wala na pala yung phone niya. Inuna ang photo session. Hehe.

So after a whole day fun affair, we took our last shots and went home. Below is one of my last shots back at Glorietta.


Till next Photo Session of the "Cam Whores".
Watch out!!!

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I finally found someone

Someone that is just right...

- I found someone who has a very nice lips.
- I found someone who can hug me all night long in bed.
- I found someone who loves to travel as well.
- I found someone who likes nature and beach.
- I found someone who knows how to cook.
- I found someone who does not smoke and get drunk in every party.
- I found someone who can comfort me when I get scared of fire rush or earthquake.
- I found someone who can take a very good photograph of me.
- I found someone mature and can handle mood swings.
- I found someone who has a taste of style and elegance.
- I found someone whom I can listen music with.
- I found someone who can befriend my mates.
- I found someone who can sing videoke with me.


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Summer Fun

4days and 3nights in Boracay.

I finally finalized our summer vacation in Boracay. This is it. The summer event for Jay and me. The most awaited time together after being away from each other.


We've been planning this since January. But due to some conflicts of schedule of Jay, he can't decide at that time. But I have already planned this way back Decemeber and bought my tickets at that time. So I am already sure about this trip. My pal Jhen and her boyfriend will join me even if Jay won't. But of course, I would prefer having Jay there rather than being alone.

And so, after Jay finishing all of his schedule, we are now set to go for this summer fun. We are now ready to conquer this famous island. Beach, sand, party, endless fun. I am excited. Super duper excited. This is a chance for Jay and I to spend time with each other, make up those times that we were not together.

April 03-06, 2008. Boracay, welcome us with all of your might!!!


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Who am I?

I am who I am.


I'm a very extraverted person. Love to laugh at the stupid things in life, but also take my career very seriously. Love being outside in the sun and on the beach. Very social kinda guy. Enjoy a broad spectrum of things from partying to chilling with mates watching dvds & talking absolute shit for hours.


I dare to say out loud the dark whispers of my thoughts and ideas that both imprison and liberate the way I treat my social life. I expose my darkest private contradictions into the full light of day so that my community networks emerge stronger, more defined in saying what I want and surer of what I did wrong and right to my comrades.

-Alexander James Von Marco Leyson-

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Stupid Cupid

Just a day of having confusing questions in my mind.

Why have I met you?
If meeting you would only mean bitter thoughts of the fact that somebody else owns you...
Why have I met you?
If meeting you would only mean sleepless nights...
Of hours that meant a second missed meeting you...
Introduced me to a world that was strange to me before the world of unreality...
For what else can I do but dream...
For in my dreams I can find happiness the consolation that I'm in need of...
For only in my dreams can I find you, embrace you, and feel the warmness of your being...
Why did I have to meet you and like you a lot?
And feel the splendor of loving you...
Why do you have to look at me with those judging eyes that rule my soul and then blame myself for loving you that much...
Wanting you and all...


Arrgghhh, stupid cupid!!!

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Meet the Friends

Scarier for Jay than meeting my family...

January 31, 2008

Bago bumalik si Jay sa CDO, he wanted to see me again. With his invitation, I asked him also if it's okay for him to finally meet my friends. He knows how important is that to me that's why he said yes to my invite. Although he's a bit hesitant because he's afraid that my friends might not like him, I assured him that they can no longer influence my decision of who I want in my life at this moment.

I met Jay at the Festival Mall because we are gonna meet my friends at the Alabang Town center. He doesn't know how to go there that's why I have to pick him up.


When we got to ATC, all of them are still on their way. In short, we got there first. We looked for a place where we can all hang out and spend the afternoon. We decided to just wait for them at the Starbucks, close to where the parking lot is.


My bestfriend came in first after 30 mins. Jay was a bit nervous because he knows that Jem is kinda "Mataray". Oh well, she is. That's my girl, the one who never gives up a fight. The one who is ready to fight for me, especially to those who are fooling around with me. She is my protector. But she is definitely the nicest and the most generous girl in the world.


Jem introduced herself with a strong character. That's how she establishes herself all the time. But Jay was okay. He handled it with confidence. Although after the introduction, they were still awkward with each other so I was the one struggling in the middle. What I did was, I went to the washroom and left them alone. I did that so they have no choice but to have a conversation. Hehe.

After a few minutes, my other friends arrived. Jhen, Kuh and El were there to meet Jay as well. They were all wanting to see who the guy I was with in Mindanao, and who is the person that is making me happy lately. We had fun, shared tories, tons of laughters, asking questions to Jay, and asking the manang guard to take a picture of us. Hehe.


It was indeed an accomplishment for Jay as he knows that he really has to meet my friends as it is very important to me. For me, I was very happy. Because not only Jay met my family, but he met my friends as well. In this trip, he accomplished two very important things to me. Family and Friends.

Jay left the city the next day and went back to CDO. Our next meeting is tentative as he has to finish all of his stuff before he can finally move here in Manila. If that's the case, I just have to wait. It's gonna be hard, but if that's what it takes for this to work, I'll do it for him...

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Meet the Parents

The first to meet my dad.

-17 °C

January 27, 2008

Jay left Cagayan De oro for Manila to fix his transfer here. He has arranged things in his regional office so that he can get approval so he may leave his post there and work here close to where I am. Fortunately, he was allowed which made him visit me here for few days. Sinakto niya sa week where my mom will celebrate her birthday so he can join.


5am, I met him at 7-Eleven because 6:30am ang alis sa house to go to Pansol, Laguna. We arranged a private pool where we can held my mom's birthday celebration. First ni Jay sa house namin. Pagdating, medyo awkward ang feeling, siyempre. But since everyone was busy preparing, di na rin kami masyado naintindi. We just stayed in my room.

Sobrang namiss namin ang isa't-isa since the last time that were together in Mindanao last year, during my last vacation for year 2007. We just stared at each other, like more than words can say of what we feel inside. I had the feeling of wanting to hug him tight sa sobrang miss ko sa kanya but we're about to leave na din. It's the feeling of longingness that just vanished as we're together again.

Sa likod nang car kami sumakay where my dad was the one driving para di naman awkward. Siyempre, never missed the chance, we shared stories while on the way to Calamba, Laguna to update each other.


Pagdating nang Crossing, dumaan pa kami to one of our relatives to invite them to join. It's the place where my mom used to live when she was single and where she met my dad. Then, we got to the resort around 8am na rin.


We looked for our room na agad so we can place our bags. Jay immediately helped my relatives unload stuffs. Hinayaan ko lang siya. Cute because he was not so shy to do such things, which I appreciated. He was very proactive ont that. Didn't expect for him to do those. After niya magpalit, tumulong agad siya magprepare nang food. Tinalo pa nga niya ako, as usual, the "tamad" me.


Ang ginawa ko, nagvideoke na lang ako. Kinantahan ko na lang sila, as my mom wants me to sing for her. After nila mag-ayos, we played Billiards with my cousins.


He played normally with them like he knows them already for a long time. Actually, nag-enjoy pa nga siya nang sobra sa kalalaro.


Come lunch, we all settled for our food. He just ate the grilled fish, as usual, as he does not eat pork. Ako, I enjoyed my lumpia, grilled pork, and hotdog. Hehe. Siyempre hindi na naman siya natuwa sa food ko because it's not healthy, pero hinayaan na din niya ako.


After eating, nagswimming na kami. Buong hapon kami naligo, he played water games with my sister and with my cousins. He just enjoyed it.


There was even a time that we tried kissing underwater. Pwede pala yun. Hehe. Cute. Sobrang enjoy lang kami dahil pareho kaming mahilig sa tubig. Mas experto nga lang siya. Hehe.


Mga 4:30, inantok na si Jay kaya he took a nap muna. Sumunod na rin ako kasi naengganyo niya akong matulog din. However, I wasn't able to sleep kaya kinulit ko na lang siya. Hehe. Kuwentuhan uli while we're in bed.


We left before 6pm. This time, 5 na lang kami sa car. My parents sa unahan, tapos kami ni Jay and my sister sa gitna while holding each other hands nang patago. Hehe. He stayed that night in our house. Sinulit namin ang pagkamiss namin sa isa't-isa. Kwentuhan to the max. He was about to meet my best pals Jem and Jhen but unfortunately, they can't go that time. So it wasn't the time yet to meet them.

Paggising sa umaga, we just stayed in my bed, kwentuhan pa rin. Sinusulit yung pagsasama namin nang sandali. Para nga lang siyang nakaw na sandali. Hinahabol mo pa ang oras. Tapos, konting idlip uli after our conversation.


We left the house before lunch. Hinatid ko na siya sa bus terminal. Ang bilis nang pangyayari. Just one day of being together. Then babalik na naman siya sa CDO to finalize other stuffs. But even if it was too short, I was happy because he finally met my family and he was introduced informally. Not only he got to talk to them, he got engaged also. Someone so brave to do such effort, I truly appreciate it. That's my Jay!!!

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My last day in the land of promise

My last day of my Mindanao Adventure.

When we got back to Davao, to our hotel, we both decided to spend the afternoon at the mall and see what else we can do. So we went to Gaisano Mall and Jay said that it's one of the biggest big mall in Davao.


So we strolled around and then had our lunch at their foodcourt. I ordered sisig to taste how they cook my favorite dish. When I got to taste it, it was okay. Pampanga's sisig is still the best. Hehe.

After eating, we decided to have some videoke to kill time. We got one room for us and just sung our favorite videoke songs. It was fun how Jay was so game in doing videoke. That made me more like him.


And then after, he decided to go to Bangkerohan to buy fruits for me to bring when I go home the next day.


Davao is known for their Durian and Suha. Jay wanted to give something to my parents so he bought two boxes of suha.


Actually, ang daming fruit stores doon kaya ang hirap mamili pero since mas sanay sa akin si Jay sa ganun, hinayaan ko na lang siya.


Pagkatapos, bumalik na kami sa hotel. Pagdating, doon ko na lang naramdaman ang gutom pero tinatamad na ako lumabas. So si Jay na lang ang lumabas at bumili nang food. While he was gone, nag-ayos na lang ako nang room dahil medyo magulo na at lagi kaming alis nang alis, wala nang time mag-ayos. Di din ako nagpaparoom service as I was hesitant to do so for security reason. I wanted din our last night to be something special dahil mamimiss ko siya.

Pagdating niya, ang dami niyang dalang food. Siyempre, parang fiesta ang dinner namin. Alam na niya talaga mga food na kinakain ko. At may binili na naman siyang dessert. Nakakatuwa at kabisado na niya ang food routine ko. I had one nice dinner with Jay at that night. After, we cherished the night together on our bed, talking about how things have started and where were we in the present. Then, we kissed goodnight to each other.

December 24, 2007
In the morning, hinatid na niya ako sa airport. It was hard because we will be seperated after being together for 6 days. Nasa cab pa lang, malungkot na ako pero ayokong ipahalata. Ayoko ding malaman niya na sobrang nahulog na ako sa kanya. Siya, tahimik lang siya habang hawak niya yung kamay ko nang mahigpit at laging sinasabing mamimiss niya ako.

Pagdating sa airport, I was hoping na pwede pa ang non-passenger sa loob. But when I asked, it's not allowed. I was sadden about that. Sad because uuwi din siya nang CDO mag-isa at mahabang biyahe yun. When I got inside, hindi pa siya umalis. He made sure na magiging okay muna ang lahat. Nakakatuwa dahil andoon lang siya sa bintana nang airport, nakasilip habang nakapila ako sa counter. After I checked-in, I went out to see him. It was heart-breaking because it was time for him to go as he needs to get in to the bus that will go to CDO. We said goodbye to each other and promised that it won't be the last meeting. He took a cab and left the airport. I went inside with a sad but happy heart.


I maybe sad because I won't see him for days, but somehow, it gave me happiness because I know in my heart that something has just started between the two of us. I was happy as well for the great Mindanao adventure I had with him. So I left Mindanao with full of wonderful memories that I will never forget.

In mindanao, I found new love. In there, I met my future partner....


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Samal Island

A brand new day...

December 23, 2007
Fresh morning for me and Jay. Pareho kaming maganda ang gising. Iyon na ata ang pinakamagandang gising naming dalawa. Of course, fresh pa rin sa utak naming pareho ang nangyari nang kinagabihan. But the day was starting already and we have to leave for Samal Island. We packed some things na dadalhin lang namin sa island because we were planning to stay there half of the day lang.


Pagdating namin sa sakayan nang ferry boat, paalis na yung naabutan namin so we had to wait for the next one. Tambay lang muna, picture-picture hanggang sa dumating na yung boat.


It was a quick boat ride. Para lang kaming tumawid nang pasig river. Pagdating sa Paradise island, sobrang na-amazed ako at maganda yung resort.


Jay paid the entrance immediately dahil ako, aligaga sa kakatingin nang paligid. Tuwang tuwa ako sa set-up nang resort sa island. Gutom na rin kami dahil di pa kami nag-bebreakfast. Pero naghanap muna kami nang pwesto namin. Naghanap kami nang spot na di masyado crowded para relax lang at di magulo. Pagkahanap namin, bumili na agad si Jay nang food dahil gutom na gutom na ako.

Ang sarap nang lugar. Upo ka lang in front of the beach, ang sarap nang hangin, relax lang yung lugar, tapos kasama mo pa doon ang taong happy ka with.


Pagdating niya, wala siyang dalang food. Instead, isang plastic na may lamang anklets. Bumili siya para remembrance daw namin sa lugar na yun, and somehow symbolizes our new bonding. Sinuot ko agad together with my two old anklets from Gallera na di ko pa tinatanggal for a year already. Then he said, the food is still being prepared so we had to wait.

Maya-maya, binalikan na niya yung food and we had our breakfast. After eating, a group of gay friends came in at pumwesto malapit sa amin. Siyempre awkward moment again, but as usual, he never cared although they keep on staring at us. Then, Jay decided to have a swim and enjoy the water. So we did. Iniwan lang namin yung gamit namin and had fun swimming. Ako saglit lang naligo dahil mabato siya. The island is good for snorkling dahil ang dami niyang corals.


After magswimming, naligo na kami and toured around the island. The place was fantastic. It's a big resort with beautiful cottages for those who want to stay over night.


They even have a bird sanctuary where you can see different birds that came from different countries in asia.


They also have some sports adventure rides where you can have some fun tour of the whole island. They also offer a massage in front of the beach, and in a secluded area where there's no crowd.


Since we had our swimming, tour of the island, and no plans of having a massage, we decided to leave and go back to Davao. We both decided that we already had fun with Samal Island and it's time to go. Indeed, the island was one of the best tour for us...


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A walk to remember

The night we're it all changed things...

-17 °C

"Kung di lang ako attached, niligawan na kita..."

He said this habang naghaharutan kami sa bed which made my mood go down. I was not expecting to hear that. Not at that very moment. One statement that changed our afternoon. I became silent and never said a word. For me, things have become unfair.

Nagalit ako dahil sa CDO pa lang, tinatanong ko na sa kanya if he's attached, he said "no". Sa camiguin, tinatanong ko na kung sino katext niya, sabi niya "sa work". Ilang beses kong sinigurado na walang sabit dahil unti-unti na akong nahuhulog sa kanya. And yes, pagdating sa Davao, I was really into him already. But yet, doon ko pa narinig sa kanya yun.

Lumipat ako sa isang bed at di na siya pinansin. I was just quiet. He was quiet as well. Tinalikuran ko na siya at di na nilingon. The room was just silent hanggang inassume kong nakatulog na siya since pagod din siya. Bumangon ako without looking at him at pumasok nang banyo, nag-isip. I decided to go out and bahala na. I changed clothes, took my wallet and cellphone, and the key to our room. I have no plans but to just breathe some air. I went out and started walking the streets of Davao without knowing where to go.


I just followed the road where there are a lot of vehicles. I wasn't afraid, iniisip ko, andami namang tao. Kaya lakad lang ako nang lakad. Until I reached the mall where we went first pagdating nang Davo. I never realized na ganun na pala kalayo ang nilakad ko. Text na nang text si Jay, gising pala, hinahanap ako. Akala lang daw niya eh bumaba lang ako. Hindi ko siya nirereplyan. Tumatawag na din siya, kinakansel ko. I was so mad. But honestly, to myself as well. Dahil inallow kung mahulog yung sarili ko sa kanya kahit di pa ako sigurado. I can't throw all the blame to him because partly, I was involved to what I'm feeling at that moment.

Nag-ikot na lang ako sa mall. Hindi pa din siya tumitigil sa kakatext at kakatawag. Umalis na rin siya nang hotel, sumakay nang cab, without knowing where to find me. Hinahanap na niya ako. Ang sabi lang niya sa cab driver was to just keep driving.


He was begging for me to answer his call or reply to his text. I was so stubborn at that time. Galit ako eh. But again, hindi ko din natiis nang tumagal, sobra na ang pag-aalala niya at alam niyang hindi naman ako taga-doon. I told him where I am, pero sinabi ko nasa mall lang ako. And then I remember, madami din palang mall doon. So hinayaan ko siyang hanapin kung saang mall ako. Pero nagets niyang isang mall pa lang naman ang alam ko. So he found me.


Pagkita namin, tahimik lang ako. Pinapatay ko siya sa guilty. Sa McDonalds ko siya hinintay. Pagdating niya, bumili ako nang food ko, at tinake out ko, at di ko siya binigyan or binilhan man lang. Alam kong gutom na siya nun pero tiniis ko talaga. Naglakad uli ako sa mall at sumusunod lang siyang parang aso, tahimik. Hanggang I decided na bumalik na nang hotel. Somehow, naaawa na ako sa kanya. He had the sad face, the quiet mood, and like saying forgive me silently.

Ginawa ko, tiniis ko pa din. Hindi kami sumakay, naglakad kami pabalik. Pagdating sa room, kinain ko lang yung burger ko tapos humiga ako sa isang kama. Siya, sa sobrang hiya, hindi siya makatabi. Nagtakip na ako nang kumot and wanting to sleep already. Pero maya-maya, nagtext siya kung puwede daw ba siyang tumabi. Nakakainis at nakyutan ako sa text niya, tuloy, tinawag ko din agad. Lipat naman din siya agad at sabay yakap sa akin. He then kept saying sorry and explaining things.

Sinimulan na niya na sabihin lahat. Ako, kahit mabigat sa loob ko, natabunan lahat yun when he started crying. I was shocked. For someone like him, who looks macho than me, and tough with his current job, I was really overwhelmed. Sinabi niya lahat nang pagsubaybay niya sa friendster ko para malaman kung kelan siya pwedeng makaporma. Yung mga pagseselos niya sa lahat nang nagpaparamdam sa akin sa friendster. Sa pag-antabay niya sa lahat nang nagaganap sa friendster ko. Iniyakan niya ako dahil natakot siyang mawala ako sa kanya. Matagal daw niyang hinintay ako.

Siyempre, doon na ako napaiyak din. I didn't expect to hear those. Hindi ko alam na gusto niya rin pala ako. I thought I was the only one. That moment changed everything. It was memorable; unforgetable. Wala pala talagang bago. It was all of his past na pinipilit na niyang layuan. Ako naman, nagalit dahil akala ko nahulog ako sa bangin, yun pala, may mahuhulugan naman pala. After, mas humigpit ang mga yakap niya. Mas nagkaroon nang meaning ang mga kiss niya. Mas naintindihan ko na lahat nang kasweetan niya at pag-aalaga sa akin.

After the drama, we went out and had dinner. We tried the famous chicken barbecue of davao. Unfortunately, we didn't see the street food that Davao is famous about.


And then, went back to the hotel and had a goodnight sleep in each other's arms. Indeed, it was really a night that changed things...

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Davao City Day 1

The unforgetable city of the south.

-17 °C

December 22, 2007
We had trouble looking for a place to stay when we got there. Second time pa lang ni Jay sa Davao kaya di pa niya gaano kabisado ang lugar. I had lists of hotels that my friend gave me before I left Manila but all of them are fully booked. We never anticipated that this would happen. Early in the morning, we're already roaming around the city of Davao.


Until finally, we found a hotel that has an available room (Roadway Inn). It was a fine hotel, enough for us to stay for two days.


Jay's plan was to enjoy the city for the whole saturday and go to Samal island the next day. So we settled in and rest after the traumatic trip going to Davao. Nagising kami nang lunch time so nagready na kami para gumala.

We went to the nearest mall para maglunch. Surprisingly, ang alam kong kainan lang sa loob nang mall ay Jollibee and McDonalds. The rest are local restaurants. Since namiss ko na rin kumain sa jollibee, we opted to eat there.


Jay bought me my favorite burger meal (as always) with matching subuan of fries pa. He was casual with it. Hindi siya nahihiya kahit ako biglang tinamaan nang kaunting hiya. I never thought he would be game about it. Although I enjoy sweet stuffs like those, naaliw lang ako na willing siya sa mga ganun lalo na't he's discreet as well.

So after, inikot namin ang mall and then decided to visit some places of the city. Since pareho kaming walang alam doon, I called my friend na taga davao but currently in cebu to ask any suggestions. My friend Kristine referred the Crocodile Park, Butterfly farm and the Japanese tunnel. The crocodile park sounded interesting kaya I decided na doon muna kami pumunta. Jay talked to some people using their dialect to ask for directions. But most of them suggested to take a cab na lang. So we did.

Pagdating namin sa crocodile park, it was a beautiful, cozy park. Jay paid for the entrance fee agad while ako, aliw na aliw na sa kakatingin nang mga pwedeng pag-picturan. Hehe. Pagpasok namin, may kasunod kaming grupo nang mga bading na nakakainis ang mga itsura. So siyempre, they were looking at us which nakakailang because I hate being stared at. Pero since casual si Jay and doesn't mind them, I did the same thing as well.


Pasyal to the park and picture to the max kami ni Jay. It was indeed a nice stroll. Jay was so game in posing with the birds, while I was a bit scared getting too close with the animals.


I've never seen so many crocodiles in my life as to what I've seen there. The park was like a zoo because ang daming different animals din. After nang isang ikot, umupo muna kami while Jay bought some drinks to refresh ourselves. Then, bumili kami nang souvenir stuffs para remembrance.

After, we decided to go to the japanese tunnel. We found out from the cab driver that the tunnel is inside the GAP farm. When we got there, it's a big park again na pasyalan nang mga families. Actually, there was a pool pa nga inside with a lot of people swimming and a band playing. So inikot namin ni Jay ang malaking park until we found the japanese tunnel. Scary pa nung una dahil may fear nga ako sa small spaces pero Jay was so insistent na pumasok kami. And so I did.


Nang mapagod na ako, I asked him na bumalik na kami sa hotel to rest. Pagdating sa hotel, cuddle-cuddle lang. As usual. Then suddenly, he said something that turned my mood into a roller coaster ride...


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The unforgetable trip to Davao

Who would not forget...

Kakalubog lang nang araw nang dumating kami sa pier. Sumakay na agad kami nang tricycle papunta nang bus terminal nang Balingoan.


Bitbit ni Jay ang shell na binili ko sa White Island. Ayaw niyang i-bag ko at baka masira daw. Hinayaan ko siya. Naghihintay kami nang aircon na bus at alam na niyang ayaw ko nang ordinary. May isang oras din kaming naghintay hanggang may nakausap siyang taga doon na nagsabi na wala na daw humihintong aircon na bus sa terminal na yun. We have to go sa highway daw para makasakay nang bus.

That's what we did. Doon kami sa highway mismo naghintay. But knowing Jay, isip siya nang isip kung anong other option for us. Naisip na niyang sumakay kami nang jeep papunta sa bus stop nang lahat nang buses at doon magtake nang chance kung meron available for us. While we intend to do that na, bigla namang may dumaan na van papuntang CDO and still has two seats available. Yun nga lang di kami magkatabi. Pumayag na ako at gabi na rin.

Pagdating namin sa CDO, gutom na kami so we decided to eat muna. Pumunta kami sa isang Thai restaurant but to my dismay, lahat nang gusto kong orderin, di daw available. Sa inis ko, umalis kami at nagwish na sana magsara na lang sila. In the end, bumagsak kami sa Chowking sa isang mall doon.


11pm pa ang last trip kaya nagstay muna kami doon. Mga 10:30pm, umalis na kami. Pagdating sa terminal, unexpected na madaming pasahero. Ang haba nang pila. Si Jay na ang bumili nang ticket at siksikan daw. Ayaw na niya akong papilahin. Naghintay ako sa tabi nang bus. But unluckily, hindi kami umabot at napuno agad yung last aircon bus.

Hindi na mapakali si Jay dahil kailangan naming makaalis papuntang Davao or else, masisira ang plano. He then asked me kung okay lang na mag-ordinary kami. Pumayag na ako at wala na kaming choice. Nung makita ko yung ordinary bus at kung paano siya parang sardinas sa siksikan, si Jay na mismo ang umatras. Alam niyang di ko matatagalan yun. Pinastay lang niya ako somewhere at may pinuntahan siya. Naawa na nga ako sa kanya. Pagbalik niya, he took our bag at sabi niya, may van daw na papunta nang Davao.

Sakto din, doon kami sa unahan umupo. At least magkatabi kami. Doon kasi sa aircon, nagwoworry na ako na baka magkahiwalay kami nang upuan, eh ayaw ko nun. Tinext ko pa siya while nakapila siya na sabi ko gusto ko magkatabi kami. Natawa siya sa text ko. Hehe.

Umalis at napuno yung van quarter to one. Bitbit pa rin niya yung shell, ayaw niyang bitawan. Cute. Pagkaalis, natulog na agad ako at walang katapusang biyahe ang ginagawa namin. Fun naman pero kailangan i-manage ko yung tulog ko para laging may energy.

In the middle of our trip and of my sleep, I suddenly felt na pagiwang-giwang kami. To my surprise, inaantok na din yung driver. Before ako natulog kasi, pinakiramdaman ko muna yung driver. He was fine naman kaya nakampante akong matulog. Kaso nang maggising ako, iba na ang lahat. I stayed awake while Jay was also sleeping while holding my hands. Nang ilang beses kong nasaksihan ang paggiwang namin at muntikang pagbunggo kung saan-saan, natakot na ako.


Ginising ko si Jay at binulungan kung anong nangyayari. Pinakiramdaman din niya. Nung nakikita na niya yung sinasabi ko, kinausap niya yung driver and asked to park first and have a break. Nakahanap kami nang 24 hours na native store at huminto muna kami. Pinagkape muna namin yung driver. It was scary dahil ayoko namang mamatay sa bakasyon ko. Tapos mababalitaan nang mommy ko na wala na ako at nangyari yun sa Mindanao. Hehe.

After a break, we left na. Medyo pinakiramdaman ko yung pagdrive niya ulit bago ako natulog. Pinatulog na rin ako ni Jay at mahaba pa ang biyahe. Siya naman, he stayed awake at binantayan ang driver at natakot siya na baka may mangyari sa amin. Kargo de konsensya pa daw niya. Paggising ko, nasa Davao na kami.


Pagbaba nang van, hindi na mahanap ni Jay yung cap niya. It was lost. Maybe, he said, that he has to lose it in exchange of a safe travel. Hindi din matigil si Jay sa pagrecall nang nangyari. First time daw niyang maka-encounter nun kaya natakot din siya. I myself was scared but I felt secured dahil kasama ko naman siya. Kampante ako sa kanya kaya pinagkatiwala ko na sarili ko kay Jay.

The trip was very unforgetable. Who would not forget...

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